Blog post 10

I chose the first layout because I like the way the picture of the person is behind the towers of type making her look guilty and imprisoned. The second option really draws the attention to the subject by placing him in the center of the page. The third option I choose was because it singles out the subject by isolating it.

magazine layout

layout 1

magazine layout2

layout 2

magazine layout 3

layout 3



Blog post 9

I have chosen red, black and dark brown for my first palette. I also think that black, red and yellow would work well with the theme of the magazine. I chose these colors because the magazine is about murderers and those colors remind me of death and murder.


murder colors



Blog post 8

“Murderers Among Us,” will be the name of my news magazine. I feel it is suiting enough to capture Cruella De vile at her brightest. Vice magazine and Investigate magazine are both examples of edgy news magazines out now.


vice news

Vice magazine



Blog post 7

Cruella De vil murdered her father at the age of 11 and her step mother locked her in an attic for the rest of her childhood. At the a of 23 she escaped and then killed her step mother. Getting away with two murders she now turned her attention towards helpless animals and very much enjoys turning them into clothing and profiting off their skin.


Cruella’s animal experiment.

Blog post 6

My theme will be the edgy news magazine, 50 questions with Cruella De vil. The story will be written by Janet Marion. We will step into the life of a well known villain and see if she truly is as evil as we all think she is.

Cruella De vil


Blog post 5

The typeface Franklin Gothic has a serious, straight forward, and to the point personality. Morris Fuller Benton created this Humanist Sans Serif while working at his father’s company. It is easy to read and works great for newspapers and advertisements.

Franklin Gothic

Franklin Gothic in action

Blog post 4

The personality of the typeface Franklin Gothic is that of a very serious one which looks  very formal. The typeface automatically assumes the kind of importance by being abrupt and straight foward. Franklin Gothic is also quite legible when read from a distance but it allows space to emphasize certain words in your sentences that deserve special attention.


Franklin Gothic